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Tax Investigation Service

Period to 30th June 2022

Fee Table

Type Band Price
Sole Trader A (turnover <£100k) £180.00 Sign Up
Sole Trader B (turnover £100k-£1m) £276.00 Sign Up
Sole Trader C (turnover £1m-£4m) £354.00 Sign Up
Sole Trader D (turnover >£4m) £450.00 Sign Up
Limited Company A (turnover <£100k) £300.00 Sign Up
Limited Company B (turnover £100k-£1m) £348.00 Sign Up
Limited Company C (turnover £1m-£4m) £396.00 Sign Up
Limited Company D (turnover £4m-£10m) £486.00 Sign Up
Limited Company E (turnover >£10m) POA Contact Us
Partnership A (turnover <£100k) £276.00 Sign Up
Partnership B (turnover £100k-£1m) £318.00 Sign Up
Partnership C (turnover £1m-£4m) £354.00 Sign Up
Partnership D (turnover >£4m) £504.00 Sign Up
Trust A £300.00 Sign Up
Personal Tax A £114.60 Sign Up

When you subscribe to our service we are able to make a claim against our insurance policy held with Professional Fee Protection in respect of our fees incurred when we defend a client who is subject to the events shown in the Service Summary.

View the Service Summary

By subscribing you agree that you have read and understood the Service Summary and the events that are included under the Tax Investigation Service and the Main Exclusions.


Further details are available on request.


This service represents the fees for the tax investigations Service for the period stated above.  In the event of an HMRC enquiry into your tax affairs, we can make a claim on our own practice insurance policy for the recovery of the professional expenses that we incur and these fees are credited to your account. To take out a subscription we must have a current engagement letter in place for the preparation of the tax returns.


Please ensure that the correct subscription fee is paid otherwise the investigation/enquiry may not be covered.

Please note that each individual requires a separate subscription.


Each business entity requires a separate subscription. The business subscription includes cover for the personal tax return of the partners, directors & their spouses and the company secretary of the business who have no other business income other than rental income up to £50,000 & provided the tax return is completed by us.

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